Future DJs

Future DJs

UK exam boards AQA, OCR and Eduqas now recognise DJ decks as a musical instrument alongside the piano, violin or guitar. That makes them a potential part of music GCSE. And there’s a lot of demand from students. But only a few teachers have got the skills, resources and experience to meet it. That’s where FutureDJs can help.

Why Future DJs?

Learning to DJ is a new way into music. It’s a great way to re-awaken interest in all music GCSE syllabuses. And it’s a sure-fire way to generate a buzz around the music department — and the whole school. FutureDJs offer students a fresh, exciting study programme that’s in tune with the music they listen to.

Austen and Scott Smart started FutureDJs in 2016. They saw the AQA exam board’s decision to recognise DJ decks as instruments could open up a new future for music in schools. Austen and Scott are both experienced DJs — they’ve performed together across the UK and Europe. They’ve also released albums on their own label, licensed music to Sony and worked with Grammy-nominated dance act Groove Armada. Everyone at FutureDJs share Austen and Scott’s love of music and, many are musicians themselves, and care about young people having the chance to enjoy music education. The team use their backgrounds and experience in publishing, teaching, music and film to make sure our programme is available to everyone who wants it.

Which schools provide tuition?

Oaks Park High School currently offers FutureDJs tuition. Visit their website here.

Can my school have a free roadshow?

Yes – simply fill out our online form and the FutureDJs roadshow team will be in touch to find a date.

How do parents pay for lessons?

Learning in a pair could be the start of a successful collaboration for your child. Learning solo with a FutureDJs tutor will accelerate their journey, where their path goes is up to them. 

Solo Lessons

£ 22 per lesson

Paired Lessons

£ 12 per lesson

Payment options

FutureDJs bill term by term. A normal full term contains 10 FutureDJs lessons. FutureDJs will always give you the chance to opt out before we invoice you for a new term.

There are 2 payment options:

Single payment

 The full-term fee in one payment, due around 4 weeks before the start of each term.


FutureDJs can split the termly fee across up to 3 instalments. The first instalment secures your child’s place on the timetable, the remaining instalments are paid during the term of lessons. In order to do this, your card details must be saved to the FutureDJs system so the instalments can be taken automatically. 

My Music Staff

FutureDJs use a system called MyMusicStaff to allow you to manage your payments, check lesson times and read weekly lesson notes from the FutureDJs tutor. Logging in will also enable them to send you lesson time reminders each week, so that your child doesn’t miss a lesson.

Payment will secure your place on the timetable.

Please bear in mind there is a limit to the number of children they can teach during a school day and places do fill up. We therefore will operate on a first come first serve basis. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can’t wait to begin the journey with you.