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Hub Blog: London Music Fund

The London Music Fund (LMF) provides scholarships to outstanding young musicians across the London boroughs in partnership with London’s 32 Music Education Hubs. Sutton Music Service is incredibly proud to be part of this partnership and has seen many of our musicians complete their four years as a London Music Fund scholar. Due to the current social distancing measures, Sutton’s LMF students have fully embraced our online learning offer to continue their music making, but we are looking forward to seeing them again in person as soon as possible.

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Hub Blog: Instrumental Lessons & Children with Autism

We are all aware of the benefits that learning a musical instrument brings to children and young adult. This includes improvements in motor skills, concentration, coordination, general musicality, problem-solving, critical thinking, and not to mention the improved social skills. While a lesson with a child with autism may require a different approach in terms of planning and delivery, the benefits those lessons can bring are no less significant.

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Hub Blog: Early Years Music

From our very first cries as a baby to the singing of an aria, the voice is our most powerful form of expression. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to sing from an early age and am a strong advocate of developing a singing culture in every context. As Senior Leader of Singing & Vocal Development, I love having the opportunity to meet other practitioners, share experiences and offer ideas to enable them to use their voice with confidence.

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Future DJs

Hub Blog: Calling all young DJs in Sutton!

Different types of music touches people in different ways. I believe that music hubs should acknowledge and celebrate the musical interests of all the young people across the borough. As Head of Music Service, as you would expect, the most exciting part of the job is hearing the music made by the students and how they choose to use music to express themselves.

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