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'First Access' Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET)

Following the Government's pledge in 2000 that '...over time, all pupils in primary schools who wish to, will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument...', Sutton Music Service launched Whole Class Instrumental Tuition pilot programmes in two schools in 2003, expanding to four schools in 2005. We now deliver a range of programmes in seventeen Sutton primary schools, providing integrated general musicianship and instrumental tuition at KS2 to more than 1900 children a week.

The schools in which WCIT is currently offered are: Abbey Primary, Barrow Hedges Primary, Brookfield Primary, Cheam Common Junior, Cheam Park Farm Junior, Dorchester Primary, Hackbridge Primary, Harris Junior Academy (Carshatlon), High View Primary, Holy Trinity CofE Junior, Manor Park Primary, Muschamp Primary, Robin Hood Junior, Stanley Park Junior, St Elphege's RC Junior, St Mary's RC Junior School and Westbourne Primary.

WCIT is organised by Hannah Keohane, Senior Leader, and our tutors are Annmarie McDade, Bethany Britt, David Brooker, Raisa Zapryanova, Lucy Andrews, Philip Aslangul, Debbie McGregor Hannah Schofield, Adie Starbuck, Emma Downer, Rachel Kerry, Colin McIlhagga, Corinne Spencer, Chrissie Ranson-Thompson, Paul Bosworth and Hannah Keohane.

The key features of these programmes are:

  • WCIT programmes last for one academic year with ten sessions being delivered each term.
  • All programmes are pitched at years four and five and feature woodwind, brass, strings or world music instruments.
  • Each programme is delivered by highly specialist instrumental tutors from Sutton Music Service, working alongside the classroom teachers.
  • Sessions are planned, organised and delivered in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

At the end of the programme children should be able to make an informed choice as to how they want to develop their new musical skills.

If you would like further information, please contact us.

Approved Instrumental Teaching

Sutton Music Service provides instrumental tuition in London Borough of Sutton maintained schools through a panel of self-employed Approved Instrumental Teachers. The instruments covered include most standard orchestral and band instruments as well as keyboard, guitar and percussion. Approved Instrumental Teachers do not work for the Music Service but have been approved by the Music Service in terms of their suitability to teach music. Schools are required to satisfy themselves that all adults working with children and young people have the necessary clearances. For further guidance, please click here here to download School Improvement's 'Schools' Single Central Record of Recruitment & Vetting Checks, Interim Guidance Note, September 2009'.

We recommend that the teacher visits the school on the same day each week and offers ten lessons each term. Beginners will generally learn in shared or small group lessons, progressing on to individual lessons as they become more advanced. The Approved Instrumental Teaching scheme is organised by Lewis Gibbs, Coordinator for Instrumental Music. If you would like further information on starting or expanding instrumental tuition at your school, please contact us.

  • Schools should understand that once a request for an Approved Instrumental Teacher has been made to the Music Service, schools cannot then recruit their own instrumental teacher and must accept our recommended teacher without subjecting them to a further interview.
  • There must be a reasonable level of demand for instrumental lessons at the school before an Approved Instrumental Teacher can be provided. We would judge this to be 2 or more hours teaching. Please contact the Music Service if you require advice on generating more interest in instrumental lessons.
  • Whenever possible schools should give reasonable notice when requesting an Approved Instrumental Teacher, preferably a full school term. The Music Service will make every effort to satisfy the request, but there may occasionally be a delay in finding a suitable teacher who is available.
  • Approved Instrumental Teachers must be allowed to offer lessons during curriculum time. They should also be provided with a suitable room in which to teach, a music stand(s), chairs and a piano/keyboard if possible.
  • Only Approved Instrumental Teachers will be allowed to teach pupils receiving financial assistance towards lessons from the Edith Murphy Foundation administered by SYMSA.
  • Where a school has concerns about an Approved Instrumental Teacher, the Music Service should be contacted for support.

Musical Passport

The Sutton Musical Passport was introduced in Summer 2009 to assist transition between Year 6 and Year 7. This is a document that allows Year 6 children to write about their current school and extra-curricular music activities, which is then passed on to their new secondary schools, to inform them about their new pupils' involvement in music. The Musical Passport should be completed by Year 6 during their last month at Primary school and then collected and returned to Sutton Music Service. We will then send these on to all Secondary schools (even those out of Borough). This scheme has been favourably received by many Secondary schools who considered it to be very useful and informative.