School Music Education Plan

School Music Education Plan

Model Music Curriculum

What is the model music curriculum?

  • First announced in 2019
  • Non-statutory guidance for the national curriculum in England
  • Intend for both specialist and non-specialist music teachers
  • Gives a model of how the statutory music curriculum could be delivered
  • Gives a progression of how musical skills and understanding can be developed throughout Key Stage 1 to 3
  • It is intended to support music teaching and can be used alongside other quality resources
  • At Key Stages 1 and 2, pupils should receive a minimum of one hour of teaching a week; this may take the form of short sessions spread across the week.
  • In Years 3 or 4, it is recommended that each class should start a whole-class instrumental programme lasting a minimum of one term. The mandatory term will be supported by teachers from the local Music Education Hub. Opportunities for development should continue beyond the mandatory term.
  • There should be access to both rhythmic and melodic instruments in Key Stages 1 and 2; this may be as part of the whole-class instrumental programme and/or in other classroom teaching.
  • Music should have a minimum of one weekly period the whole way through Key Stage 3. Carousels are not a substitute that fits with the values of comprehensive education.


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